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Whose Number Is This Calling Me?

Did you receive a call from a telemarketer, private or blocked number and can’t tell who called you? You aren’t the only one. Everyone gets suspicious calls. But how do you deal with them?

If someone’s phone is ringing, most people’s first instinct is to answer the phone call. However, this may not be the best choice as spammers may be able to scam you with a few simple tactics. The FTC reports that in 2017, the most common way for scammers to contact their victims was by phone.

Additionally, the top three types of scam attempts were:

Additionally, not only can you caller be a scammer, they could also be a telemarketer or perhaps even a stalker.

Knowing who is calling you is sometimes easy as (in some cases) you can just look at your Caller ID to get the necessary caller details. However, if your Caller ID isn’t displaying the owner of the phone number in question, there’s another method that makes it easy to find out who is calling you.

Why It’s Important To Find Out Who Called

There are numerous reasons as to why it’s important to figure out who called you.

1. If It’s An Emergency

In the event one of these unfamiliar callers leaves a voicemail saying there’s an emergency, you need to figure who it is immediately! For example, it could be your child’s teacher saying your kid got injured. In situations like this, you shouldn’t hesitate to figure out, who called me?

2. Know Who You Need To Call Back

It’s important to answer who called me, especially when you need to call back the person. This is highly important to know if it’s your landlord, child’s teacher, current or potential business client, babysitter, family member, or doctor.

3. See If It’s A Scam Caller

If you’ve received a call from an unfamiliar phone number, in most cases, it’s a scam caller. This often starts because a person’s phone number ends up on a scam phone number list. Once your number is on the list, it can be hard to avoid receiving scam calls. The best ways to stop receiving scam calls are to block and report the number who called you.